• Ambienti Glamour

    Ambienti Glamour

    The Design signed Ambienti Glamour brings to your home a touch of irony and elegance at the same time, with the sparkling statuettes full of colors and joy.

  • Andrea Baruffi

    Andrea Baruffi

    Andrea Baruffi was born in 1949 on the Bolognese hills. After attending the artistic high school, he embarks on the path of architecture and graduates in Bologna. Almost immediately he left for the United States and lived in New York for over 40 years, making an amazing career in illustration first and then in communication.

  • Angelique Cruz

    Angelique Cruz


    Angelique Cruz, eclectic and creative French artist. His inspirations are not tied to a single art form that he considers binding and restrictive. She loves experimenting with different techniques from resins to collages to dripping using pictorial materials ranging from ink, enamels, acrylics. Angelique is an advocate of the new Pop art which she expresses through her passion for music and the seventh art (making cinema). Through the music of her favorite groups, she cuts and cuts the images she carefully selects. Once the work is completed, Angélique coats it with epoxy resin to give brilliance and bring out the colors..

    Angélique's other movement revolves around the "DRIPPING ART".

    It is another facet of his softer and more poetic personality that the artist highlights by drawing inspiration from nature.

  • Antonella Benanzato

    Antonella Benanzato

    Abstractionist, he works with oil and mixed techniques on canvas, forex panels and fabrics. Its chromatic scale corresponds to that music she devised based on the frequencies and pitches of the sounds. For years he has been conducting research on the effects of sound and color on meditative and non-ordinary states of consciousness. Issues he has addressed with neuroscientists and quantum physicists.

  • Antonio Murgia

    Antonio Murgia

    Antonio Murgia 's Pop Art takes us into profound considerations on the era of mass media, with a riot of colors, his paintings and collages will leave you speechless.

  • Antonio Tamburro

    Antonio Tamburro

    Antonio Tamburro 's famous use of color has brought Italian painting overseas, thanks to his endless displays of oil and acrylic paintings on canvas.

  • Chelita Zuckermann

    Chelita Zuckermann

    The bright aluminum sculptures by Chelita Zuckermann illuminate the environments in which they are placed with a fascinating play of light and reflections that capture the attention.

  • Claudio Brunello

    Claudio Brunello

    Claudio Brunello 's conceptual contemporary art breaks the mold with tradition, to bring the observer's mind into a canvas that absorbs thought and soul.

  • Claudio Malacarne

    Claudio Malacarne

    Claudio Malacarne 's oil painting on canvas has given this artist international fame in over 40 years of post-impressionist career. In this section his latest works.

  • Constantin Migliorini

    Constantin Migliorini

    Constantin Migliorini 's paintings make us discover a contemporary art that marries psychoanalysis in a series of figures painted on a very complicated support: the lute.

  • Daniele Miglietta Design

    Daniele Miglietta Design

    Daniele Miglietta's Italian Design offers a series of furnishing lamps with an exceptional evocative power, a touch of class and magic in every room.

  • Dimitris Bakopanos

    Dimitris Bakopanos

    Contemporary art takes a dip in the past with works inspired by the Greek statues of Dimitris Bakopanos , his paintings bring the gods of Olympus to life with over 40 layers of brushstrokes.

  • Ernesto Fava

    Ernesto Fava

    Digital painting finds a master in Ernesto Fava , contemporary art fascinates him since he was a boy and leads him to create these real surreal landscapes of the digital age.

  • Fabio Giampietro

    Fabio Giampietro

    Internationally renowned artist, Fabio Giampietro takes us into a dystopian reality with his paintings in dark but extremely effective colors, ideal for locations that desire a strong personality.

  • Gabriele Zago

    Gabriele Zago

    Gabriele Zago 's travel photos tell terrible and wonderful stories, with messages that are always new and conceptually interesting, this photographer tells us the events from all over the world.

  • Giulia Magnaguagno

    Giulia Magnaguagno

    Giulia Magg's travel photographs bring back fragments of life collected from all over the world, portraying a still moment in time of shops, works, people and stories.

  • Giuseppe Guanci

    Giuseppe Guanci

    The Zen and the art of copper wires by Giuseppe Guanci , in his long research as an artist and architect, ended up working around an idea considered unrepresentable in the West: emptiness, a taboo of our culture since Plato's time. .

  • Iskra Shahaj

    Iskra Shahaj

    Iskra Shahaj 's oil paintings give us contemporary art with a classic flavor, with an impressionist touch reminiscent of Hopper's lesson.

  • Marlene Compostella

    Marlene Compostella

    The contemporary works of art by Marlene Compostella give a touch of light to all the rooms, giving refinement and harmony to the interiors.

  • Massimo Bietti

    Massimo Bietti

    Massimo Bietti 's photography enters the observer's heart with a series of contemporary art photographs, this artist gives life to a project that fits into the vein of Kevin Carter and Steve McCurry.

  • Matteo Bianchi

    Matteo Bianchi

    Matteo Bianchi is an interior and product designer. He was born in Venice and studied at the Chelsea College of Art & Design in London, after a long career in marketing and advertising for large companies including Ikea.

  • Maurizio Piovan

    Maurizio Piovan

    The contemporary art of Maurizio Piovan fits into the current of abstract expressionism, following the example of great masters such as Alechinsky, Vedova, Dova.

  • Michele Liparesi

    Michele Liparesi

    The animals of Michele Liparesi a young sculptor and eclectic artist, are made exclusively by hand, using wire mesh joined piece by piece with a hook with a curved beak without any electro-welding. The figures are part of the BESTIARY sculptural cycle and are life size. The metal mesh installations placed on the wall or suspended from the ceiling create projections of shadows on the wall giving a wonderful effect of movement

  • Paolo Troilo

    Paolo Troilo

    Paolo Troilo 's paintings are painted with his bare hands, with an enormous pictorial mastery. These works of art have made the artist famous throughout the panorama of international contemporary painting.

  • Patricia Onyewenjo

    Patricia Onyewenjo

    Patricia Onyewenjo 's works of art take us to the cities of the world with a strictly oil painting on canvas and a reference to impressionism.

  • Rudy Falomi

    Rudy Falomi

    Rudy Falomi 's artistic photography uses the rearview mirror to send an important message in the existence of all observers: stop and look at your surroundings.

  • Sofia Battisti

    Sofia Battisti

    Sofia Battisti proposes a young, sparkling and colorful contemporary art. His brushstrokes are reminiscent of oriental painting thanks to the bright and delicate chromatic shades.

  • Sonia Ceccotti

    Sonia Ceccotti

    The contemporary art of Sonia Ceccotti winks at the observer with irony and lightness. An artist who knows no boundaries, he works on difficult substrates such as corrugated cardboard.

  • Sylvie Collu

    Sylvie Collu

    There  "Strip Art" by Sylvie Collu it is a revival of traditional pop art revamped  with a new technique patented by her.

    Subjects favorites are icons from the world of music, cinema, art and fashion.

    Sylvie graphically works the subject she wants to immortalize, partially dresses it  with a weave of strips of painted fine art photographic paper  matching the edges with the background subject  giving a  a three-dimensional final effect. The picture is then completed by a plexiglass case whose final result is original and of great impact, ideal for all environments.

     Movement: Neo-Pop Art

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