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Rudy Falomi

Rudy Falomi 's artistic photography uses the rearview mirror to send an important message in the existence of all observers: stop and look at your surroundings.

Rudy Falomi was born in Milan in 1964, he graduated in Visual Communications, Cinema, Television, Graphics and Photography at ITSOS in Milan.
In thirty-five years spent in the field of printing, where he mainly dealt with works in the fields of art, theater and live music, his passion for photography has never abandoned him.
His photography denounces the particular epochal moment in which we live which is no longer marked by time, but by the speed we apply in it.
A clear example of this are the network and social networks, which devour everything, life, news and images….
In the light of these reflections, the project was born that sees reality from a particular point of view, reflected in the rearview mirror of the car: "one day, while driving, I realize that the Arco della Pace seen from the rearview mirror is more suggestive, 40 seconds before I had passed by him and I had not seen him so beautiful ”says Falomi
Here comes the thought: the mirror, as if by magic, becomes the "slow motion", the pause in the hectic traffic that we live in everyday life.
The mirror is as if it were a screen, the mirror is the container of the short memory, the one that frenzy makes us lose.

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