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Dimitris Bakopanos

Contemporary art takes a dip in the past with works inspired by the Greek statues of Dimitris Bakopanos , his paintings bring the gods of Olympus to life with over 40 layers of brushstrokes.

Already an established artist in the contemporary art market, Dimitris Bakopanos has been fascinated by the art and culture of ancient Greece since he was a boy. His works, which represent fragments of faces, bodies, but also details of architecture, emerge from indeterminate backgrounds, communicating sweetness and energy, nostalgia and rigor at the same time. Born in Greece, he moved to Italy at the age of 19 to study, but his love for origins did not abandon him and Bakopanos continued to produce paintings with typical subjects of the inheritance left to him by his motherland.

His art also takes on political connotations, when Dimitris begins to actively participate in the Movement for the Return of Greek Statues to Greece. The artist decides to represent Greek statues scattered in museums all over the world, brought back to their original location: ancient Greece. Infinite layers of color placed on his canvases in order to obtain a material and three-dimensional effect. Bakopanos enriches the canvases with old fabrics that belonged to his family of origin, in this way each of the paintings acquires a surplus of uniqueness by enclosing the artist's memories, emotions and memories.
He currently lives and works in Italy in the city of Bologna and has exhibited his works of art in private and public spaces from Cortina to Milan, Bologna and Lugano.

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