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I have seen desire

The works of Antonio Murgia , a well-known artist in the field of POP ART, take up the themes of female faces very dear to him in different...


the works of Antonio Murgia , a well-known artist in the field of POP ART, take up the themes of female faces very dear to him in different...

Antonio Murgia

Antonio Murgia 's Pop Art takes us into profound considerations on the era of mass media, with a riot of colors, his paintings and collages will leave you speechless.

Antonio Murgia is a Sardinian contemporary artist very well known in the world of Pop Art. He was born in Sardinia in the fifties and in his activity as a painter what immediately emerges is his incredible inspiration for Pop Art. Murgia chooses to start from the British roots of this artistic current, reworking the scenes that emerge every day from social media and the advertising world. His painting populates the panorama of Italian contemporary art, breaking the lines with the traditional concepts of figurative and abstract.

Antonio Murgia chooses to use the irony of color and collage to bring Pop Art back to its origins, collecting Baudrillard's teaching and researching the erotic dimension of art. The art of Murgia places the viewer in front of the omnipresence of advertising, of that aestheticization which is completely typical of the mass media. With this spirit, in 2000 Murgia started the Pretaporter cycle, an investigation into the world of appearance and brazen aesthetics made more and more outward than inward.

The Pop Art of Murgia therefore develops an ironic critique of the flattening of icons typical of contemporary society, developing an art as an anthropological prism to understand socio-cultural processes. In his latest field of personal artistic research, OROS Project (beginning of Order and end of chaOS), the goal is to find the way of internal fusion of different psychological, formal and significant forms, often adverse and contrasting. Where figuration and abstraction proceed together, despite each component being treated separately, on its own.
His is a painting at the same time monochromatic and polychrome, polished and stentorian, with a wide use of textures and products of an industrial nature. It contrasts with what traditional painting is manual painting, contrasted by discordant signs or colors. The observer experiences a continuous solicitation from the recognized, solid and rational, counterbalanced by slippery elements, which should not be there to disturb an almost reached equilibrium.
Murgia's works of art are aimed at recreating a more conscious pole of deconstruction and consequent attraction of matter, which rejects and entangles the viewer in a continuous balancing contrast of rational and emotional vision, of thought that we would call male and female in cohabitation.

Huge list of his personal and collective exhibitions, recently we remember the exhibitions: Paths in Rome; The Vespa in history and art at the MACIST Museum, Biella; The great beauty at Kunsthaus Burg Obernberg, Austria; Summer Art 2018 in Porto Cervo; Old House, New Art at the International Art Symposium, Istanbul, Turchiua; Delicious opposition at Marini Fine Art, Lausanne, Switzerland.

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