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A look at New York

The work A look at New York cm 150x200 in black and white represents the series of paintings based on America in the 50s of a post-war America in...

Apple box

Apple Box cm 200x150 by Andrea Baruffi is a very significant and fun work. It is part of the cycle of last colored works. His optimistic and...

Central Park

The work Central Park cm 150x200 in black and white represents the series of paintings based on America in the 50s of a post-war America in full...

Dancing shoes

The pictorial work "shoes" cm 150x100 oil and acrylic on canvas, is part of the pictorial cycle set within the ballet schools much loved by the...

My lockdown playing

The memory of the lockdown. A series of large-sized paintings in which the artist Andrea Baruffi interprets the dark period of the lockdown in a...


Swimming pool 150x150 cm, is part of Andrea Baruffi's new pictorial cycle of surreal, ironic and suggestive works. The spirit and the colors are...

Urban Jungle

Urban Jungle cm 200x100 by Andrea Baruffi is a very significant and entertaining work. It is part of the cycle of last colored works. His...

White Sofa

White sofa 150x150 cm, is part of the latest pictorial cycle by Andrea Baruffi, ironic, surreal, US style. Internationally renowned artist in the...

Andrea Baruffi

Andrea Baruffi's works represent in the panorama of living contemporary art, all the pictorial synthesis of graphics, pop art, surrealism and irony. We would say a super original and patented artistic trend with an eclectic character but above all with an intrinsic optimism after more than 40 years of American adoption in the Big Apple.

Andrea Baruffi's career has always been a crescendo of highly successful pictorial strands, from nostalgic representations of America in the 70s, to the fun and surreal lockdown in a deserted Manhattan to animals in luxurious branded sofas. Having a figurative work by Andrea Baruffi, entertains and relaxes any home and work environment following the slogan yes you can!

Andrea Baruffi was born in 1949 in the hills of Bologna. After attending the Art School, he embarked on the path of Architecture and graduated in Bologna. Almost immediately he left for the United States and lived in New York for over 40 years, making an amazing career first in the field of illustration and then in Communication.

He works for major American magazines and the most important agencies such as Young & Rubicam, Grey Advertising... Become Creative Director for Dover Corporation Annual Report. He takes care of the Creative Campaign for Artemide of America.La his graphic creativity and his artistic qualities give him enormous notoriety.

Since 1993 he has devoted himself intensely to painting, inspired by the works of Edward Hopper. He began a first cycle of important works representing his New York of the 50s totally in black and white with large formats (Central Station, Queen Mary, West Side, Central Park, the street games of Harlem...) Success is guaranteed! He participates in the most important exhibitions from New York, Miami, Singapore.

In recent years, his pictorial cycle has undergone a great change.  It becomes more ironic, colorful, surreal and the lock down gives it an even greater and more fun creative charge! It is his way of living this sad society in the most cheerful way possible.

He has made numerous appearances at art fairs such as Artefiera Bologna, Miami art and Strasbourg.

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