Prints on canvas

This service was born from an OBSERVATION of the spaces dedicated to tourism.

Almost always luxury locations, very attentive to furnishings and qualified staff, they neglect the walls! It is known that works of art and design, in addition to being part of the furnishings, contribute to personalizing and making the host environment unique and pleasant, from the hall to the often very anonymous suites...

How does it work?

The works you like most are chosen from the stable of our artists who range in vast styles and techniques, and the measurements are decided.

The prints will be made on canvas using vegetable colors that render 100% brilliance, they will be mounted on wooden frames like the original works with a surprising result.

The price?

The savings are obviously guaranteed with an 80% reduction compared to the original work.


Rental is a novelty for the art world and a great advantage for the company that uses it.

This service is in fact perfectly suited to companies that need to present their products in very often anonymous spaces, such as conferences, meetings, trade fair stands...

The Advantages:

  • The rental cost will be deducted from the company that then wishes to purchase the product.
  • Not only that! The costs of purchasing the work or works are reported in the declaration with a tax saving of 35% in 5 years.
  • Work psychology studies and marketing surveys on employees have scientifically demonstrated how a welcoming, well-furnished work environment with natural light and greenery stimulates endorphins, therefore the performance at work improves exponentially.

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