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Sofia Battisti

Sofia Battisti proposes a young, sparkling and colorful contemporary art. His brushstrokes are reminiscent of oriental painting thanks to the bright and delicate chromatic shades.

Sofia Battisti was born in Dolo on November 2, 1987 and from a young age shows strong artistic skills that will then lead her to graduate with full marks from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice.
For this young artist, art is above all experimenting, so her works are created with different techniques such as watercolor, acrylic, collage, colored paper, chalk, colored pencil shavings, cast plaster.
If at first glance Sofia's canvases give harmony and lightheartedness, pausing to analyze them more carefully, we would notice that something interrupts the bright colors: a sort of black shadow.
That "dark" touch symbolizes the rottenness that hides behind the do-gooders and the moral façade. In fact, as the artist says, the work does not represent a criticism for its own sake, but lives in the hope of human emancipation and the reflection that the world can still be transformed.
Sofia exhibited the exhibition "Ephemeral Paradise" in 2018 at the Città di Padova gallery, in 2015 at the Project Officina Creativa in Vicenza the exhibition "Belva Gratiosa Sofia Battisti beyond illustration", curated by Damiano Fina.

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