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My art is not aimed at representing the image of a metropolis or people but rather an attempt to transfer a precise state of mind onto canvas....

Lighting night

The work Lighting Night by Patricia Onyewenio cm 120x150 is part of the Metropolis of the World cycle that she paints through the memories of her...

Orange moon

The work Orange moon by Patricia Onjewenio cm 120x150 is part of the Metropolis of the World cycle that she paints from the memories of her many...

Patricia Onyewenjo

Patricia Onyewenjo 's works of art take us to the cities of the world with a strictly oil painting on canvas and a reference to impressionism.

Patricia Onyewenjo is a contemporary artist born in Owerri, Nigeria, Africa. The German mother from Berlin, an art teacher, the father an engineer of Nigerian nationality. In fact, the parents know each other at the Alexander von Humboldt University in East Berlin but with the construction of the Wall they manage to escape and move to live in Nigeria.

Patricia can be said to be a universal citizen. He graduated in Frankfurt and graduated in music from the George Liszt Musical School.
Thanks to her particular beauty she travels the world as a model: America, Canada, Switzerland, Holland.
Around that time, he also begins to transform hers
passion for painting in a real job and makes first exhibitions.

When he returns to Europe he commutes between Berlin and London and works as Casting Director of the Musical
Daddy Cool, expressing all his talent and energy in the world of musicals.
This eclectic and stimulating path, in addition to the possibility of interacting and
confronting on an international level leads Patricia to express all of her own
creativity in painting.
Since 2008 Patricia has lived and worked in Padua, Italy.
Patricia's works are the synthesis of a profound dialogue between the artist and herself.
A journey into the self and the unconscious that finds the way to express itself in the language of painting. The challenge to culturally adapt to new environments, loneliness and isolation but also hope, success, love and courage to overcome the obstacles of life: these are the great themes of the artist's production.
All his works are made with the oil on canvas technique.
2007 Lincoln Road Art Exhibition / Miami!
2008 Meisel Verlagshaus, Berlin / Musik und Design!
2010 Architecture and Interior Design Event, Padua / THE NIGHTFALL!
2016 Church of San Leonardo, Venice
2016 National Review, Art Venice
2016 Galleria Vecchiato, Padua
2016 Joan Mirò Prize, Asolo Biennial
2017 Marc Chagall Award, Villa Breda, Padua

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