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Fabio Giampietro

Internationally renowned artist, Fabio Giampietro takes us into a dystopian reality with his paintings in dark but extremely effective colors, ideal for locations that desire a strong personality.

Gotham City, this is the imaginary location, the protagonist in Fabio Giampietro 's oil on canvas works. Hence his ever more refined and architectural pictorial evolution, in which the viewer finds himself observing the metropolises (Milan, Shanghay, Toronto etc) from the top of their most emblematic buildings. An elevated journey through the arteries of the city for those who walk and live with their feet on the ground, but who think and dream beyond reality.

Fabio Giampietro , is now an artist known all over the world, among his most recent exhibitions in 2018 we remember the Milan Triennale, the Ctfest 11 in St. Petersburg, the exhibition at the Modern Art Museum in Shanghai and at the CTW in New York . The emblematic figure of his paintings is certainly the three-dimensionality, which brings out a painting that winks at sculpture. His paintings are incredible jewels of contemporary art.

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