Spazio Anna Breda - Online Art Gallery of Paintings, Photography, Sculpture, Design

Contemporary Art for sale: buy original works online @ Spazio Anna Breda

Created in Padua by Anna Breda in 2000, Spazio Anna Breda is a contemporary art gallery that now you can visit and admire online. An area where artistic research goes beyond the strictly commercial schemes and that works with these fundamental points: quality, emotion, innovation, breaking the traditional mold, freeing the concept of art restricted to the painting and sculpture.
The gallery, living room of informal meetings with topical characters from the most diverse environments (Oliviero Toscani, Giulio Capellini, Vero Kern, etc ...), offers a wide range of ideas that turn into solutions architecture, painting, sculpture , photography, design, in short, esthetic.
You will find a shop online selling author of contemporary paintings, photographs, sculptures, or an area where you can rent the works themselves, obtain personalized advice from our creative interior designer to decorate with good taste and elegance to your home , activity, or local office, or draw up your own list and make a wedding photo shoot.

Visit now Spazio Anna Breda, buy original works online of Italian contemporary art.. for sale.